Who is Axxess?

Founder, Ashley, is from Dallas and has been living in Los Angeles for about 3 years now. Since being out here she's managed to build up her network from people in the entertainment industry to companies, manufacturers, and vendors in fashion industry. However, over the years she's seen a lot of people come and go, noticing LA isn't for everybody.  She also realized just cause she made it out of her hometown, not everyone is given that chance or fear to take that leap. Therefore, she wanted to create an e-commerce site that bridges the gap between those who may not have the access to the suppliers she does to find cute and trendy clothes and at affordable costs. Her goal isn't to just sale clothes, but to provide useful information to anyone else who's trying to go down the entrepreneurial route also. She feels if she is capable then you are too!

Just a little background, Ashley is a grad student who's lost her way by always putting others first or staying in survival mode. Always allowing people to have access to her she managed to lose access of herself. After graduating and reevaluating herself, she realized all the things she's let slip from her past and chose to take back her power. Then finally, Axxess was born. After channeling her desire for fashion, which she has always loved, she chose to quit her job and to take a leap of faith. A long time coming she finally is living her dream of being her own boss and looks to expand the AXXESS brand by helping others.

Why the name AXXESS?

The founder always strive for the best and to remain connected with everyone! However, as you get older you realize you can't always grow with the same people you started with especially if your goal is to have VIP access whenever and wherever you step into a room. That's where the name comes from, it's a double entendre meaning though you deserve VIP access not everyone deserves VIP access to you! Not only that, but with Ashley's knowledge of research and gaining access to certain networks and vendors she decided to bridge the gap and provide that same access to others across the globe who may not have the opportunity as herself.


What inspires the pieces you purchase? 

A lot of the inspiration for Axxess come from pieces you'd find the founder wearing. She's always had a showroom but urban kind of twist to her style.  Think 'Aliyah meets Kylie. She loves a good comfortable tomboy look, but best believe she knows how to glam it up too ;). Huge fan of neutrals but you can't forget about our color and statement pieces, that's the true selling point! We want our pieces to scream simple, but sexy....sleek. When you walk in the room we want that aura to shine bright without you having to say a damn word! To us that screams VIP all day baby, cause that's what you are to us...A.VERY.IMPORTANT.PERSON ;)   

Who is the an Axxess Girl?

An Axxess shopper is a girl who knows what she wants! She knows she deserves VIP treatment wherever she goes. Her soul runs deep but oh so sweet! Has the attitude of a badass so don't get it twisted! Sassy, spunky, and full of joy and laughter. She's a boss and the word "No and Can't' are NOT in her vocabulary. She has the confidence, will and drive to do go after what she wants and makes it happen! If you checked off every box, then you're shopping in the right place. Welcome boo!

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